Environmental Commitment.

JMC Building and Civil Contractors are fully committed to environmental protection and are always looking at ways to improve our impact upon the environment.

We aim to:

               Prevent pollution
          Reduce our carbon emissions
          Reduce the amount of waste which we produce
          Increase recycling
          Nurture within the company a culture of reusing materials such as timber and paper products both on sites and at head office

We aim to do this by working closely with our clients and suppliers to highlight areas where our impact upon the environment can be incrementally reduced as contracts progress.

Responsible Suppliers.

JMC Building and Civil Contractors have a duty to purchase paper products, timber and other building materials from sustainable sources by using suppliers who hold certificates or are members of such bodies as the FSC and PEFC.

Responsible Clients.

Our clients have stringent Environment Polices to which we are committed to uphold by using the correct waste streams for different types of waste and by doing all that is necessary to prevent water, air and noise pollution.

Responsible Site Waste Management.

As a Responsible Contractor when waste is produced we have no option but to dispose of it responsibly. We can monitor the amount of estimated waste against the actual amount of waste produced by implementing a SWMP (Site Waste Management Plan). This can also help us to forecast the quantities of waste, the type of waste and any possible reuse, recycling or disposal. When disposal becomes the only option we employ a licensed waste and disposal carrier who has developed a leading waste disposal system which ensures that 87% of the material that comes to their recycling plant is recovered and reused. As Principal Contractor we endeavor to ensure that all Sub-Contractors deal with waste in the same manner.